Saturday, June 2, 2007

Panel A - The Long & Skinny

This panel is long and narrow - only 26 sts per panel. We need to make 4, so I elected to use 2 balls of yarn and I'm using both the center and outer pull. Panels 1 & 2 will be done on ball A and panels 3 & 4 on ball B.

A few days later...
Well, using 2 balls of yarn turned out to be more of a yarn management challenge than I cared for. I still want to make all 4 panels at the same time and decided to use 4 separate balls of yarn. Much better! I found that keeping the balls of yarn in their individual ziploc bag is helping immensely with managing the yarn.


Anonymous said...

I did try it with the zip lock bags and still got very tangled. And then when I found a mistake when I was only about 3 inches into three panels it is even harder to take out stitches and figure out which direction I was going...and then talk about a tangled mess!!! Not sure if the new bag would even help my mis-management
So I am back to one at a time! And there is no way I will have them done by the end of the month. Isn't there some saying about "happy" knitting HA!

Kristine said...

Thanks for writing this.